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Why I do not have much time for believers in UFO’s

There seems to me to be a simple internal inconsistency in saying “I believe in UFOs” because if you expand that it reads “I believe in unidentified flying objects” because it is believing in something you don’t understand. What they … Continue reading

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“Abbott so lootly” he is a lier, or is he ?

Did Tony Abbot attempt to form government with the Independents after the Election? Yes Was he prepared to compromise on the policies he took to the election to form Government ? Yes If he would have formed Government in these … Continue reading

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Carbon price and the relative impact

Here’s a tip to identify misleading statements in the media or by politicians or any protagonists, especially by those suggesting there is a big impact of something they don’t agree with. If someone tells you of a sizable increase and … Continue reading

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On Australian Laws and Julian

I seriously hope our society can all wake from slumber on civil rights issue and realize changes to the laws are already moving us in the same direction as a laws commonly instituted by dictators and non democratic regimes. Further … Continue reading

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Gina Rineheart has it both ways to presure everyone but herself

The chairman of Fairfax Media,┬áMr Corbett, who stands in her way to gaining seats on the board with Ms Rinehart’s refusal to sign the company’s charter of independence. It is fairly transparent that she wants seats on the board so … Continue reading

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John Howard and book launch by geologist Ian Plimer

Former Prime ministers are often granted by dint of nostalgia, a form of credibility regardless of whether they deserve it. I will leave it the reader and history to determine that of John Howard’s legacy. But this legacy can be … Continue reading

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The crap media is in our cross hairs

Fair and informative media is critical to social health of a country. Media that does not fit this requirement must be actively demoted as irrelevant. Many thought leaders are already totally disillusioned with much of our media and the reactions … Continue reading

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