Carbon price and the relative impact

Here’s a tip to identify misleading statements in the media or by politicians or any protagonists, especially by those suggesting there is a big impact of something they don’t agree with.

If someone tells you of a sizable increase and give a single figure for the amount of that increase and no more – they are misleading you.

Why would this be ?

To have an increase or decrease in anything you you must start with something then measure the change. If you know this figure then you have a chance to understand the rate of increase but without this starting figure you have no real idea.

If I said to you that unemployment increase by 100,000 people this would be rather frighting unless you realised I was Talking about the US then with the population of  300Million you would actually be talking about 0.3% of the population.

Unless someone gives you the total amount on which a change has occurred it is almost useless.

News Paper headlines love this for example. “NSW Health minister Jillian Skinner said the carbon tax would add up to $50 million per year to costs, as high electricity prices impacted on hospital bottom lines.”– but how much do they normally spend ? How many Hospitals are there ? None of this was provided in that news report.


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