On Australian Laws and Julian

I seriously hope our society can all wake from slumber on civil rights issue and realize changes to the laws are already moving us in the same direction as a laws commonly instituted by dictators and non democratic regimes. Further problems stem from our increasing personality driven politics which makes government all about the leader or at best the executive rather than a Parliament of representatives. Much of this is powered by irrational fears whipped up about terrorism – What can we do ?

  • Make sure you don’t succumb to fear
  • Make sure your government does not pass laws which reduce our rights and will be very hard to repeal, given if you campaign for there repeal you may become a victim of the same laws.

Can’t happen in Australia or to an Australian ?, just look at the failure of our government to support Julian Assange despite no charges and real fears of a, no appeal, in camera extradition from Sweden, which has one of the most restrictive laws on Sexual assault in the world and demonstrably has not followed just or due process.

The US is withholding planned charges because they know If they make them public Julian may have grounds to escape extradition, I think You will see, if he is taken to Sweden, they will suddenly make the concocted charges appear.

See Here for further discussion and reference.


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