John Howard and book launch by geologist Ian Plimer

Former Prime ministers are often granted by dint of nostalgia, a form of credibility regardless of whether they deserve it. I will leave it the reader and history to determine that of John Howard’s legacy. But this legacy can be impacted for better or for worse in their retirement.

The action by John Howard to attend the book launch by geologist Ian Plimer of his book How to Get Expelled from School where Plimer is aiming at his unresonable anti-climate change stance at school children.

This does damage to John Howard’s reputation by his granting support to a well known crack pot but also exposes his position that was undisclosed during his prime ministerial period. It also give a lie to his demand for reasonableness in things such as the history wars where he can now be seen to be driven by ideaology rather than reason. Further to this we can see John Howard does not think education is above political interference.

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