Sceptical of Sceptics

The conservative position is to suggest that the climate remains static or bound to slow moving natural changes. Lets call this the Business as Usual viewpoint.

There is substantial evidence that this not the case, that there are observable changes and clearly identified reasons for those changes.

Thus the application of a skeptical view point, is best directed at those who suggest no change is occurring. That is we must be skeptical of those holding the “Business as Usual viewpoint”.

Given human activities have reached scales of a similar magnitude to global systems, the duty thus, falls on those claiming a Business as Usual viewpoint, to demonstrate how human activities ”do not” effect climate.

The Business as Usual viewpoint has the near impossible task of “demonstrating a negative”, suggesting it is an Argument from ignorance,  or Absence of evidence. This is  made further implausible, given the “demonstration of positives” by the alternate position.


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