Australian Media Inquiry

I am seriously concerned about the diversity of ownership and the quality of journalism in Australia. I do not read most newspapers as on every occasion I do I see poor research, misinformation and vested interests dominating. Whilst I have considerable faith in Australians, how well can they avoid manipulation when the mass media is full of untruths and political miss direction. Poor media is clearly one of the most democracy threatening aspects today itself when it should be acting to protect our democracy.

Media in Australia is so focused on the bottom line they are threatening their own long term survival and destroying what journalism our society depends on. This includes assaults on the value of rational and scientific arguments, regurgitation of self serving press releases and a lack of real balance by including commentary from the unqualified to dismiss the qualified.

Self regulation does not work.

Simple reporting of other commentators without critical comment also act to spread miss-truths rapidly. Some things should never be reported unless some critical analysis is done otherwise the media is simply a mouth piece for the ignorant and corrupt.

I have little confidence that that the current review will achieve anything as complex problems are often not addressed, in part because of the oversimplification of issues in the media. My only option is to actively try and destroy those media organisations that fail to measure up. I now support independent high quality and online news services only and have plans to discredit the poor media sources. This is assisted by the current medias difficulties migrating to new technology, the level of discontent in society and the high level of bias in traditional media.

My specific experience with bad media is in the reporting of environmental and sustainability issues and all aspects of politics. This is followed quickly with the high degree of commercialism in most media organisations.


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