Weasel words ! – economy-wide carbon Tax

Have you heard this claim –
“Australia’s the first country in the world to impose an economy-wide carbon tax”

Notice how the phrase “Australia’s the first country in the world to impose a carbon tax” is false but by qualifying the statement with “economy-wide”. The proponents of this view try to say that “Australia is on its own” some how – but the fact is they would only be alone because of the qualification that the speaker added.

Now, I don’t know what the definition of economy-wide Tax is – when is it not economy wide ?, and are there any taxes that are wider than Australia’s ?

Australia’s so called Carbon Tax is so far from even been a tax, by many definitions and it is only levied on the top 500 carbon emitters, so I am not sure it even qualifies as economy-wide in any sense of the term.

However despite the almost useless application of this term you will hear it again and again. Especially by those who don’t want it, prefer to frighten everyone and possibly have a vested interest or right wing leaning that seems to dismiss any form of “communal action” through government.

Weasel words !


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