Need not go much further

One of my observations has been that well educated Skeptics can betray themselves not by the issues they raise that require you to dig deeper, but those on the surface. The world government point is one, The other is the misrepresentation about if we stop all CO2 emissions now, we will not see cooling for a long time, as if it is evidence that CO2 is not to blame, when it is in fact that it will continue to keep the planet warm for one hundred years, thus the urgency in avoiding an increase in CO2. If the man needed any qualification to prove his ability he needs to avoid any clear cases of misinformation in his own arguments. this failing in this one point, suggests a person searching for evidence to prove his view, rather than someone trying to determine the truth. So I think is thus fair to discount his views entirely. I think a few bullsh-t detectors is all you need to uncover most skeptics arguments. It is not so easy with well informed expert scientists to detect bullsh-t.


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