30 Hours or so before the rapture and the beginning of the end

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So this is great because this will not happen and I can blog about it on Sunday and once again expose the total failings of religious clap trap once again. I do not even mind making fun of dogs name. You see he does not exist in any way other than within feeble human minds.

Some may say “Oh come on, don’t be so unfair, most believers do not believe this wing nut from right wing religious conservative land. We don’t give his prediction any merit what so ever. Out belief is deeper than Harold Campings insane problems assigning false meaning to numbers !”

But wait – for many religious people the difference between Harold and there own belief is a matter of timing and nothing else. But even if you are a modern semi-rational human there is more of a problem that Harold shows us.

The problem is deeper – idiots like Harold can only exist based on one of two and possibly both reasons – they are technically insane or their sense of judgment has been all but destroyed. To maintain a deep belief in spaghetti monsters and there friends, the human first needs to accept self imposed ignorance then continue to find excuses for every discontinuity they find, in the way they observe the world. Basically, deeply held belief in bullshit requires the mind/brain to loose sight of reality, so anything is possible. Faith is more often used to contain, the discordant beliefs in 1 A tentative Hypothesis with 2 absolute certainty it is true, and when evidence is scarce.

Mark my words, Howard’s failure tomorrow is only the ice cap of the daily failures of religious belief.


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One Response to 30 Hours or so before the rapture and the beginning of the end

  1. Tony says:

    I am Still Here !? and don’t see any one rising into the Air ?

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