To counter fear is the first step to environmental change

Why should we care for the environment ?

Fear for the future is one reason to act on environmental problems, however as an optimist I am confident we can respond, so fear does not cripple me.

Yes a sense of caring in the present is also important and I also respect things from the past we lost and do not want to loose more of, today or tomorrow.

Personally I see a whole range of benefits of understanding our relationship with the Environment and the social and financial benefits that come about as we restructure to address the concerns. It amazes me how a change in mindset, can have such big wins, massive cost savings through efficiency measures is an example, what were we doing before this, resting on our laurels ?

I would also like to point out that for many fear is cause for inaction and the conservatives amongst us resist change as a defense mechanism. Notice how fear is used by the right wing of politics, it has two effects, one it inspires others to take conservative positions and two it animates the existing conservatives. For this reason, although fear of disaster is one of my concerns, I do not promote it as a reason for change because it only serves to make opposition to it, more concrete, especialy in conservative circles – which is counter intuitive because you would think conservatives would like the world to remain the safer world we know today, and that we respect the past.

  • Liberal reformers see negatives as a reason to reform, but are likely to be conservationists and believe in the precautionary principle.
  • Conservatives see reform as a threat to what we have, and resist change.
  • The environment does not give a dam, it just is.
  • For humans to survive we need conservatives to reform and liberals to save some things from change (Conservation). Let us stop fighting amongst ourselves and get on with it.

Lest the human experiment fail !


About glimpsesinthefog

A person who wishes to offer opinions anonymously but with responsibility
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