Atheist with Buddhist values

There was a time when asked I would say I was an Atheist with Christian values. That meant that  treasured the moral teachings of Christianity even if I believed the existence of god was totally unsubstantiated hog wash. I have however come to realise that Christianity has even corrupted morality by demanding faith regardless of evidence, promoting the concept of Original sin and purposefully asking for followers to adopt a position of “Self Induced ignorance”. I have studied Buddhism just to get a divers understanding of beliefs and have found that it’s underlying models are not so corrupt and its emphasis on the quest for enlightenment, its demand you find your own truths and much more is a stronger basis for morality than Christianity can ever be. Comparative religious study also shows what is in common as much as what differs. Most religions seem to use the after life to appeal first to the individuals fear of it and as a moral argument for why you should be good in this life (lest you be a bastard and get ways with it until you die).

I do not accept reincarnation beyond it’s poetic use but the truth is I prefer to be known as an Atheist with Buddhist values, and the last line in this great video reminds me why.


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