Every problem can be turned into an advantage

As readers would no doubt learn if anyone ever ends up reading this blog I have particular views that many may disagree with (yet many will also agree). If there is however a social trend I do not like very much I call it a “Problem”. However as experience has taught me every problem can be turned around to an advantage with the tools of creativity and focus or the application of experience and turn it to an advantage.

One example would be “intelligent design” (ID) which is only intelligent in so far as it confuses people who are ignorant of Evolutionary theory, or have an inflexible or doctrinaire belief system.

Each counter attack rolled out by the ID crowd is fashioned to continue this ignorance and is what I call a “problem”.  One of the more difficult problems of late is the claims that ID education should be allowed on the basis of “Academic freedom”.  Whilst this is absurd, when complex issues are addressed by the courts you tend to find decisions based on the black and white reading of laws and often on “technical” issues.  But fear not.

Every problem can be turned into an advantage. If the ID movement has any success with this argument, we can use it and possibly obtain a method to discourage them we can turn this whole argument around.

Let us demand “Academic freedom” to discuss the medical issues around abortion, or the neurological indications of religiosity. Let us look at the psychological factors involved in cults (many will resemble those in main line Churches).  You see, the fact is most right wing religion holds at it’s core a deeply rooted conservatism and self imposed ignorance. They are usually far to insular to grasp the real complexities of the world and issues facing mankind. They do not realise what true academic freedom would entail and there small world view will be swamped with real knowledge if they succeed to travel down this path.


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