Abbot a thinly veiled sexist

From BigPond News

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ‘shrill’ attack on the coalition’s economic credibility is proof her government is losing its way, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.

The use of the word “shrill” (defined below) is thinly veiled sexist reference. Shrill is unlikely to be used to describe a mans words, it implies a high pitched voice and in Abbott’s contexts a hysterical woman who is aggressive. Weather this word exposes Tony Abbots inner sexism or a calculated step in the personality war with Julia Gillardillard, it shows how much “dirty pool” is been played.


shrshrl (shrl)

adj. shrill·er, shrill·est

1. High-pitched and piercing in tone or sound: the shrill wail of a siren.
2. Producing a sharp, high-pitched tone or sound: a shrill fife.
3. Sharp or keen to the senses; harshly vivid: shrill colors.
v. shrishrill·ingll·ing, shrills

To utter in a shrill manner; scream.

To produce a shrill cry or sound.

[Middle En shrille hrille.]

shrillness n.
shrilly adv.



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