Ferocious Politics ?

From abc.net.au

A disappointed Tony Abbott vowed the Coalition would continue to “ferociously” hold Labor to account after he watched his chance of becoming prime minister disappear as key independents sided with Labor to form government on Tuesday.

An effective opposition is critical in our system of Government but a ferociouse one ?

I am sick of this confrontational, media filtered, surface level only political system. My personal opinion is the only reason the Liberal Party made in roads i this last election is because;

  1. Normal liberal votes who needed a change from the stale Howard Government have returned to their normal voting patterns.
  2. The not fully representative marginal electorates were targeted and voted on the basis of the issues they perceived important –  primarily driven by intense advertising.
  3. Clear misinformation and manipulation of facts by the opposition.

Now us Australians are normally quite fair in our treatment of alternate view points, and tend not to speak with much strength. However this is my opportunity.

I have seen the opposition work hard at a surface level, appealing to basic human concerns to manipulate the issues in their favor. The refuse to answer questions and make all kinds of statements that are patently false but the Media never question. Now you need not build a dossier to determine this, just dissect a single interview and you can see the falsehoods and cynical manipulation that takes place.

When Abbott says “Labor” failed to deliver on ALL it’s promises five times in one interview it is such a waste of time. We know that they have delivered on some of their promises even if you thought they did not do enough. Abbotts statements are thus untrue. Then lets consider why some of these promises failed to be delivered – it was because they were blocked by the opposition. Could you imagine complaining to a friend he had not done something he committed to, because you stopped him yourself ?

Don’t get me wrong the Government is not at all perfect, sometimes they use the same “unethical practices”. Yes, they are unethical not just the result of poetic license. But if the election is about comparing the relative merits of the alternatives the Liberal National camp looses because they win of the basis of the relative high demerits.


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