Blasphemous posters hit New Zealand

Advertising agency Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand created a blasphemous campaign for Eshe Streatwear. The campaign includes four posters posted all over the streets of Auckland, branded skateboards and t-shirts.

Christian messages dominate my society. We all seem to show indifference. They keep getting away with imposing their message on us. What is surprising is not that these may shock people but that they do shock people because I am repeatedly assaulted by seeing otherwise nice people hooked into the religious clap trap. I am offended when I see signs outside churches saying god is the way – he is not. They don’t say atheists are rubbish they “only” say they doomed to eternal hell. Who is the most aggressive in this case ?

Religion is rubbish, crap, self deluding, ignorant, superstitious, not evidence based, preys on suffering is is plan wrong.

No you may say – “that is your opinion I disagree”. No, it is not an opinion or a philosophical position, no one has the right to assert certainty from a position of ignorance whilst rejecting evidence to the contrary. To support religion is just simply incorrect. The closest thing to a defense is that I was “Told to Do it” (Indoctrinated) that defense was destroyed in the WWII war trails.

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