Institute of blah blah affairs

At the risk of providing a resource to those I disagree with, I want to point out how many organisations are not what they seem. One Example is “Think Tanks”  or institutes etc… Remember all one has to do, on registering an organisation is to ensure the name is not already taken. So a ring of organisations take on names that do not contradict there philosophy, yet do not give it away either. They offen sneak (I mean seek) legitimacy through there name alone and not by there reputation.

Most insidious in my world view is that of the Right Wing organisations. Why would I worry ?, It will become evident if you continue to read my posts.

If you look at sites such as US Based you can gain some insight to their activities. and better yet here you can see the organisations listed and take them with a grain of salt, when CNN quotes them (If you stupid enough to watch CNN).

An Austrailian view

Oh, and is anyone aware of a “Right-Wing-o-meter” because I can be fairly sure the US has the top rating (though lets acknowledge also a good number of Liberal thinkers). Once it was Nazi Germany but who is it now ? Who is it in the democratic world ?


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