Australian Political landscape

The Day after the election we can not be sure where it is going. Inclined as I am to the left of center it has not actually been a disaster (unless the Liberals actually gain power) .

How could I possibly say this ?, well having sat through a review of the votes for all seats I was delighted to see swings in favor of the left – both Labor and the greens in many of the seats. It is only in some of the marginal seats – typically held by the Liberals which only fell at the last election because people were fed up with Howard that did the inevitable return to the right.

I do hold Labor and the media, responsible.

Labor’s losses at this election is in my opinion not because of what they did in power (this has largely been positive) but because they subscribe to the same rules of politics as the liberals (Coming from opposition) where the Australian people have been treated like idiots. Everything is presented defensively in sound bytes that never go deeper into the real philosophies and ethics of the issues at hand.

I often scoffed at complaints towards the media as been responsible for the dumbing down of politics, whilst not subscribing to idea “the media only reflects the community”, I have however change my mind during this election.

The media is very responsible for the dumbing down  of debate. The media continues to behave in a way that rewards the spin doctors by focusing on trivial and sensational statements and positions. Repeatedly during interviews I have seen interviewers I otherwise respect letting both sides kick goals they simply don’t deserve. The most common one is exemplified by Tony Abbott’s continued statements that everything labor did failed and that they did not deliver on any promises. This is simplistic and totally disprovable , the use of absolute language is a waste of time because all it does in lambaste the other-side and does not even go into the details of the failings they argue should change our vote. Labor was also (to a lesser but substantial extent) guilty of this. Both parties effectively hide the information we need to make our choice and give us only what they think is relevant. This allows the opposition to control the issues because they are equal in this simplistic “them and us” debate, Naturally any opposition do not possess the depth of argument simply because they have not been in power and did not need to stand for much only attack for the last 3+ years.

Regardless of the outcomes, I intend to let both the media and labor know how annoyed I am with them and this only serves to boost my own activism.  I am yet to determine if I will try and communicate the disappointment to the liberals.


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