Glimpses in the fog Blog

Day One – Glimpses in the fog Blog


Allow free comment by the author on issues the author is concerned about without having to deal with people who know the author and may be offended at my personal stands on Politics, religion and other issues.

Provide a fresh and alternate view of many issues of the day or from deep analysis,  for those interested and who may stumble upon these comments by search engine.

My Passions include;

  • A move away from religion and superstition
  • A move towards science and rational society
  • Building the intellectual tools needed to search for something resembling the truth
  • Philosophy and politics free from conditioned responses

My Strongly held positions

  • There is no God except in the minds of human kind
  • Every individual is capable of incredible insight and mediocrity
  • One person can make a difference
  • Science is the best path towards truth
  • Technology, self interest and politics is where science can be corrupted
  • The Environmental impact of humans is without precedent and a rapid move to sustainability is the only way for us to prosper
  • The problems that remain after concerted effort will always be the difficult ones but Complex problems can be solved
  • Humans instinctively have a “Conceit bought on by their consciousness” that causes them to put them selves above all nature and neglect knowledge of themselves as animals.
  • Evolution is a very good example of a theory that describes the very complex systems we observe, Intelligent Design is an example of how utterly stupid humans can be.

About glimpsesinthefog

A person who wishes to offer opinions anonymously but with responsibility
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