Why I do not have much time for believers in UFO’s

There seems to me to be a simple internal inconsistency in saying “I believe in UFOs” because if you expand that it reads “I believe in unidentified flying objects” because it is believing in something you don’t understand.

What they really mean is I believe aliens or spaceships are present in earths atmosphere/ near space but they would not say it because it quickly looks stupid.

I also believe there are things I can’t identify, sometime it lasts seconds before I identify it and in a few rare cases I still have not identified it – however until I identify it I can’t believe anything about it let alone pronounce facts about it.

The UFO fraternity relies on two other structures to keep there “dreams” alive 1. Conspiracy theories 2. You cant prove (or in this case disprove a negative).  As usual for Woo Woo it usually fails basic tenants of critical thinking.

Just like others such as many alternative medicines, evidence of UFO beliefs must immediately be put to the side, pending further evidence because by nature they a prepositions that can not be tested using “Blind” or “Double Blind” research

By definition UFO claims require an observer primed to categorize it as effective/observed.

We can’t easily, if at all, test the Null case.

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“Abbott so lootly” he is a lier, or is he ?

  • Did Tony Abbot attempt to form government with the Independents after the Election?
  • Was he prepared to compromise on the policies he took to the election to form Government ?

If he would have formed Government in these circumstances then he would be a Liar according to his own definition he applies to Julia Guillard !

The only difference is who won, which has nothing to do with their words but democracy. Either Neither of them Lied, or both of them Lied, you decide what you think.

In my mind neither lied, they are just politicians who must compromise, all the time.

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Carbon price and the relative impact

Here’s a tip to identify misleading statements in the media or by politicians or any protagonists, especially by those suggesting there is a big impact of something they don’t agree with.

If someone tells you of a sizable increase and give a single figure for the amount of that increase and no more – they are misleading you.

Why would this be ?

To have an increase or decrease in anything you you must start with something then measure the change. If you know this figure then you have a chance to understand the rate of increase but without this starting figure you have no real idea.

If I said to you that unemployment increase by 100,000 people this would be rather frighting unless you realised I was Talking about the US then with the population of  300Million you would actually be talking about 0.3% of the population.

Unless someone gives you the total amount on which a change has occurred it is almost useless.

News Paper headlines love this for example. “NSW Health minister Jillian Skinner said the carbon tax would add up to $50 million per year to costs, as high electricity prices impacted on hospital bottom lines.”– but how much do they normally spend ? How many Hospitals are there ? None of this was provided in that news report.

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On Australian Laws and Julian

I seriously hope our society can all wake from slumber on civil rights issue and realize changes to the laws are already moving us in the same direction as a laws commonly instituted by dictators and non democratic regimes. Further problems stem from our increasing personality driven politics which makes government all about the leader or at best the executive rather than a Parliament of representatives. Much of this is powered by irrational fears whipped up about terrorism – What can we do ?

  • Make sure you don’t succumb to fear
  • Make sure your government does not pass laws which reduce our rights and will be very hard to repeal, given if you campaign for there repeal you may become a victim of the same laws.

Can’t happen in Australia or to an Australian ?, just look at the failure of our government to support Julian Assange despite no charges and real fears of a, no appeal, in camera extradition from Sweden, which has one of the most restrictive laws on Sexual assault in the world and demonstrably has not followed just or due process.

The US is withholding planned charges because they know If they make them public Julian may have grounds to escape extradition, I think You will see, if he is taken to Sweden, they will suddenly make the concocted charges appear.

See Here for further discussion and reference.

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Gina Rineheart has it both ways to presure everyone but herself

The chairman of Fairfax Media, Mr Corbett, who stands in her way to gaining seats on the board with Ms Rinehart’s refusal to sign the company’s charter of independence.

It is fairly transparent that she wants seats on the board so she can break the charter of independence or influence what is printed – presumably to unfairly represent her own interests.

Her recent ultimatum is a cunning play to unseat the chairman  by playing the “concerned” share holder. See the ABC Report here.

The thing is if the Share prices can rise to her demand and she can’t see off the chairman nor secure the seats on the board she can sell her shares at a tidy profit.

If the Share prices don’t rise to her demand then she has ammunition see see off the chairman and secure the seats on the board without signing the company’s charter of independence.

For Rinehart it is a possible win-win.

So why is she targeting Fairfax and not the beleaguered News Corporation ?

Because relative to mining’s own interests Fairfax media such as the Sydney Morning Herald, which has been more independent than News reporting. The best way to win is to buy out your  enemies not your friends.

Don’t be miss-led into thinking Share ownership is a democratic process, nor is it a free market model. Shareholders are not individuals or corporations they are the people who own shares at the time. It is easy to enter or leave ownership. The board chooses to emphasie their shareholders as the key stakeholder, ignoring there customers, staff and the community from which they extract their profits for one reason only. This is because shareholders are transient and the most impotent in exerting control. Just look at shareholder demands for reduced executive salaries and how often nothing changes. Shareholders have a range of needs and obligations that they can managed by down selling shares, the new shareholders may not be sensitive to past misdemeanors of management giving management a long leash. How much can you influence a company at one annual general meeting where you do not control proceedings. Unless a vote is put you can’t exercise your voting rights.

It is time to stop ignorantly chanting the “Market” song and get on with developing a society which takes full account of all our interests Shareholders, customers, staff, the community and most commonly ignored altogether – the Environment.

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John Howard and book launch by geologist Ian Plimer

Former Prime ministers are often granted by dint of nostalgia, a form of credibility regardless of whether they deserve it. I will leave it the reader and history to determine that of John Howard’s legacy. But this legacy can be impacted for better or for worse in their retirement.

The action by John Howard to attend the book launch by geologist Ian Plimer of his book How to Get Expelled from School where Plimer is aiming at his unresonable anti-climate change stance at school children.

This does damage to John Howard’s reputation by his granting support to a well known crack pot but also exposes his position that was undisclosed during his prime ministerial period. It also give a lie to his demand for reasonableness in things such as the history wars where he can now be seen to be driven by ideaology rather than reason. Further to this we can see John Howard does not think education is above political interference.

See here

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The crap media is in our cross hairs

Fair and informative media is critical to social health of a country. Media that does not fit this requirement must be actively demoted as irrelevant. Many thought leaders are already totally disillusioned with much of our media and the reactions to climate change is a good litmus test to measure quality or sensationalism. I along with others have reached the point where we are ready to actively destroy corrupt and contemptible news organisations at a time when they are most vulnerable to the shifting sands of electronic media. Shape up or ship out and if you do neither we will escort you to the door.

Despite the words used here figuratively I abhor violence.

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